Home News 26-Year-Old Man Arrested Over Ex-Wife’s Murder In Rongai

26-Year-Old Man Arrested Over Ex-Wife’s Murder In Rongai

Police in Ndeiya, Kiambu County, have arrested and interrogated a 26-year-old man in connection with the mysterious murder of his estranged wife.

Samuel Mbugua, the suspect, is accused of traveling from Ndeiya to Rongai in Kajiado county, where his wife Faith Njambi, 24, lived, and stabbing her twice before abandoning her.

According to a report, after committing the alleged crime, Mbugua contacted Njambi’s older brother Stephen Kamanu, who declined a meeting invitation in Nairobi. The increased tensions between Mbugua and Njambi, according to Kamanu, prompted his refusal.

“Wait for breaking news, it will be sad for you and my entire family,” Mbugua wrote in a text message to Kamanu, according to The Standard.

“Mimi nishachoka, nimekua nikiongea najipata najoingelesha na vile (Faith) ameniambia hana haja na mimi na pie siezi kaa kuona na kusikia my son Jason anateseka heri nikufe na yeye,” Mbugua added.

According to neighbors who are familiar with the incident, neigbours raised alarm after seeing Njambi crawling to her door seeking help.

She was rushed to hospital in Rongai then later transferred to Nairobi Hospital where she passed away while receiving treatment. 

What then prompted the police to launch a manhunt on Mbugua, is when he threatened to commit suicide on his Facebook account.

He wrote, “It is always sad, heartfelt to say good bye to someone you love and I say goodbye to you all my friends and family, nitawamiss sana tutaonana tena. God will always protect you and provide for you, till we meet again and I loved you.”

Mbugua was then arrested at his compound in Ndunyi by police from Ndeiya Police Station while trying to sneak in at night then later taken to Tigoni police Station.

He was later moved to Rongai Police station where he has since been detained. 

The two reportedly met in 2021 after Njambi graduated from college and had an affair before getting married.

They would soon hit the doldrums, forcing Njambi to move to Rongai, where she was working as an accountant for local supermarket.

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