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Artists Decry Sh1,215 Payment From PRISK

Terming it as an ‘extreme sport’ Wangechi disclosed that she had received a total of Sh1,215 ($10) from the Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK) as the artist’s annual royalties for the year 2021.

PRISK is a collective management organisation that collects remuneration on behalf of rights holders from various users of works and distributes royalties to the respective rights holders.

Kenyan artists have perennially complained about how much they receive from the government as royalties for the use of their copyrighted works.

Sensational singer Nikita Kering was also not left out from the peanut remuneration. She replied to Wangechi’s tweet with a screenshot of the dues she received from PRISK – an equal amount of Sh1,215.

Controversial rapper and flamboyant businessman KRG the Don, albeit sardonic, commented on the occurrence and addressed the government specifically, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“We’ve now received money to the tunes of billions. Who wants a loan? The money we were waiting for is here. Our president we are so proud of you!” he stated.

P-unit member and Woodley (Kenyatta Golf Course Ward) MCA aspirant Gabu also shared a screengrab of the M-Pesa message he had received from PRISK.

“Surely what is this now? Are they even serious with us? Hii ni madharau sana (This is totally disrespectful). We want change, not pocket change,” Gabu stated.

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