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End Of The Road For 2 Robbers Who Tried To Mug Plainclothes Officer

A mugging attempt by two robbers in Thindigua, Kiambu County took an unexpected turn after their target turned out to be a police officer in plainclothes.

In the early Monday incident, the police officer identified as Corporal Nahashon Mungai boarded a boda boda to GG village where along the way, the ‘rider’ picked up his accomplice who was masquerading as a distressed customer.

Upon arrival, however, the two men turned against the officer and started beating him up demanding for money and other valuables.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in a report said that Corporal Mungai then took out his firearm and quickly intercepted the muggers’ attempt to escape after failing to surrender, per his commands.

In open defiance, the thugs attempted to escape prompting Corporal Mungai to open fire, deflating the bike’s front tyre from his Israeli made Jericho semi-automatic pistol,” DCI said.

“Corporal Mungai, whose record at the musketry faculty in the National Police College-Kiganjo speaks for itself, immobilised the ill fated bike in a single shot, leaving the thugs without any option but to surrender.”

The two were arrested and are in police custody awaiting arraignment.

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