Eric Omondi Advises Kenyan Artists To Stop Joining Politics

April 22, 2022
1 Min Read

The president of comedy Eric Omondi is not happy with musicians, comedians and other artists who have declared their interest in Politics.

Speaking on an interview with, Eric Omondi said Artists ditching their original calling to join politics is a sign of greed and they are just after money.” You are confused. If you are a musician, sing. If you are a comedian, make us laugh. If you switch to politics, you are a thief. Stick to your gift, stick to your calling. Unafanya nini parliament, that’s greed we know you are after money stop confusing God’s given talent, He can bless you with more money”. 

The comedian however added that he has no problem with artists who are working with politicians without running for political seats themselves.

The message comes after several artists have announced their interests in various political seats as we approach the general elections in August.

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