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Harmonize Denies Assaulting Comedian Eric Omondi

Tanzanian singer Harmonize addressed the media on Sunday afternoon, hours after his arrest for failing to make several club appearances in Nairobi despite receiving payment for it. 

The musician who was being sought by four different clubs, including Cocoricos and Captain Lounge, also denied assaulting comedian Eric Omondi. 

“Wewe unaweza kupiga mtu kwenye kituo cha polisi? Kama Polisi wanakuangalia?” Harmonize asked reporters. 

At the same time, he downplayed claims of bad blood between him and the controversial Kenyan comic.

The ‘Jeshi’ hit maker told the media that he was not sure why Eric Omondi had made the allegations but expressed confidence that the matter would be resolved. 

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko who was at the police station also commented on the incident, blaming it on a lapse in communicating and asking Harmonize and Mr. Omondi to bury the hatchet. 

Meanwhile, Kilimani OCPD declined to comment on the assault claim, but noted that the ongoings were just a civil matter and no criminal charges had been preferred.

The comedian had early Sunday, reported the assault at the same police station and was awaiting the arrival of his legal team for further direction on Sunday afternoon. 

In a subsequent interview, the comedian told the media that his Sunday visit to Kileleshwa police station was an attempt to bail out the Tanzanian star. 

“Harmonize ameshikwa kule, yeye ni mahabusu he had tried to con four clubs…and yesterday refused to do the show…. I haven’t slept, this is how I was dressed yesterday,” Omondi said.

“I did not bring him here, four clubs wameshikana wakamleta hapa.” 

Sporting a visibly bruised chin and bloodied lip, Omondi said that he had tried in vain to ask Harmonize to refund the money clubs had paid for the appearance.

“I told Harmonize that organizers have said no, let’s just return the money since the organizers had stipulated that he could not do another concert without their knowledge,” Omondi told Citizen Digital. 

“Nikaambia Harmonize, kuna club wanasema huwezi enda,chukua pesa ya Sonko mpe, chukua pesa ya Cocoricos mpe, chukua pesa ya Gate Way mpe.” 

Harmonize, according to the comedian, was extremely rude and told him to sod off before locking himself inside his hotel room.

Afraid that Harmonize would fly out in the morning, leaving in his wake, the wrath club promoters who had already paid hundreds of thousands, Omondi pitched camp at the Hotel and waited for morning. 

Early Sunday, several complainants trooped to the Kileleshwa police station, seeking to have the singer held until their dues had been refunded. 

Among those who are said to have lost money is Captain Lounge’s Jor Barsil who claimed to have parted away with Ksh.450,000 and Ksh.1million, respectively, in appearance and set up fees. 

He also claimed that the no show had greatly irked the patrons, some who had paid upto Ksh.5,000 to cavort with the star, throwing him into losses and seriously denting his reputation.

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