Harmonize Reconciles With Eric Omondi After Labour Day Drama

May 2, 2022
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Tanzanian singer Harmonize after a back and forth that even led to his arrest has said he is in good terms with Eric Omondi describing what occurred as work related challenges.Through his Instagram stories, Konde boy as he is popularly known said no one is perfect noting that there are happy and sad days in the world. The singer accompanied the the post with a video of him with Eric Omondi flying to Mombasa.

“Still my brother and I love and respect him nobody is perfect in this world, I am cool from my heart. What happened are just job challenges and in this world you can’t be happy always we are brothers,” Harmonize said in his Instagram stories.

He perfomed in Mombasa in a club affiliated to former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko which was also caught up in the Labour Day embroilment that forced the former governor to intervene.Harmonize who was arrested for failing to appear in clubs which had already paid him upfront after his release dismissed claims that he was planning to swindle the club owners of their money.

The singer further rubbished claims that he had punched Eric Omondi on the face at the Kileleshwa police station, questioning how he could hit someone in the presence of police.

“Can you beat someone in a police station? Does that even make sense?” Harmonize retorted.

After his release the singer also said he would not do anymore club appearances and meet greets arguing that clients did not understand what meet and greet meant and confused it for a performance.Earlier Eric Omondi defended Harmonize’s appearance at a local club where chaos erupted over the star’s brief performance saying Kenyans did not understand the difference between an appearance, meet and greet and a performance.

“Kenyans have to understand the difference between a club appearance, or technical appearance, or a meet-and-greet and an after-party. They are not like a concert. The artist is just there to chill and enjoy himself, nothing much. He wasn’t supposed to perform, Harmonize was coming to perform at KICC, they shouldn’t have expected him to perform,” Omondi told reporters on Saturday night, at the sidelines of his Afrika Moja concert hosted at KICC.

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