Harmonize’s Fan Tattoos An Apology Letter On His Back Begging Kajala To Take The Musician Back

April 22, 2022
1 Min Read

Harmonize’s attempt to win his ex girlfriend back has taken a serious turn after a fan decided to help with the apology.

The fan decided to tattoo his back with a long apology letter to Kajala asking her to forgive Harmonize and take him back.

” my sister Kajala Masarja your the happiness of his heart, you’re presence to him is so important in his life. Ibeg that you forgive Hamo give him another chance in your heart hejala, Harmo still loves you so much KG we need you back so we can build the family together voccame again we still love you so much”.

In the past, Harmonize has made several attempts at winning the actress’s heart such as mounting a billboard, buying her flowers, a range rover and also releasing a new song ‘I miss you’ pouring his heart out.

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