Jalang’o’s Employee Demands Ksh.5M Compensation From Bien For Using His Image Without Consent

May 21, 2022
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Radio presenter-turned-politician Jalang’o’s grounds manager Morrison Litiema is now demanding Ksh.5 million in compensation from Sauti Sol lead singer Bien Aime-Baraza for using his image in a meme without consent.

Litiema, speaking to Jalang’o in a video posted to YouTube on Saturday, claimed the photo reminds him of his past life of struggles, hence by using it, Bien had subjected him to emotional torment and online trolls.

He narrated how the photo was taken by his co-worker, Eli Khumundu, at the latter’s house after an unsuccessful day of looking for construction work and turning up absolutely empty handed.

Litiema also claims that Bien used the photo while hitting out at those who had unsubscribed from the band’s YouTube channel following their spat with Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party over copyright infringement; an act he terms as a gross misrepresentation of facts.


According to the groundsman, he is a huge Sauti Sol fan, having subscribed to their YouTube channel over 5 years ago, and has never unsubscribed; even amidst the drama.

“Vile alipost hivo, anamaanisha watu wenye wana-unsubscribe YouTube channel yao ni watu wanakaa maisha kama ile yenye hiyo picha inaonyesha…na mimi sijawai unfollow Bien, na sijawai unsubscribe kwa YouTube yao,” said Litiema.

“Nimesubscribe Sauti Sol kutoka 2015…nimefollow Bien kutoka 2015, na nampenda sana kwa sababu ni mtoto wetu wa nyumbani. Nikiona hivi hiyo picha, nakumbuka ile mateso yenye nilikuwa napitia hizo time kabla Mungu afungue njia tukuje hapa.”

He added: “Sasa my brother Bien, nataka tu waniite niende niongee nao. I demand an apology, na lazima ikuje na compensation, kwa sababu inazidi kunidrain akili.”

Upon being queried by Jalang’o on how much he seeks to put the matter to rest, Litiema stated: “Ksh.5 million iko sawa.”

He further noted that he is in the process of procuring a lawyer to help him in the process.

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