Kajala Brands Harmonize A ‘Rotten Fruit’

April 18, 2022
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Kajala brands Harmonize a 'rotten fruit'
Harmonize and Kajala
Kajala brands Harmonize a 'rotten fruit'
Harmonize and Kajala

Tanzanian movie star Fridah Kajala has finally responded to Harmonize. For the past few weeks Harmonize has been trying to lure Kajal back into a relationship by expressing his love through grand gestures.

It seems Kajala has seen through all those grand gestures and will never go back to Harmonize.

Awhile back Haronize claimed, he was unable to sleep until he wins her heart back.“I can’t sleep because I’m thinking about you. I have been starving because I long lost my appetite. I love you and I am sorry. Please, take me back,” he wrote on his socials. 

“I wish to see you to apologise. That will mean a lot to me. I wonder one day my kid will ask me what I did when I realised I was wrong.

I won’t be happy to answer him I was a celebrity and I feared losing my reputation by owning up to my mistake and apologising. I am apologising to my love Kajala and all women who found my actions wrong. Forgive me. Stop making this bad boy so sad.”Despite all this, Kajala has turned him down cold. She did not respond to his pleas.

Kajala dumped Harmonize when she found out he was propositioning her teenage daughter.

A fact that Harmonize has apologized for. Recently he presented her with a brand new Range Rover – on his social media – saying it is his apology gift.

“It cannot erase all the hurt I caused you and your family. It cannot change anything we went through and it cannot be a reason enough for you to get back to me,” Harmonize said, “This only goes to show how remorseful I am, all I am asking is for forgiveness from you.”Weeks later, she took to her social media, posting a cryptic post that sums up what her thoughts are about being equally yoked with an ex-partner in a new relationship.

The post was later deleted.

Kajala shared a photo of two fruits hanging from a tree, one is already rotting and is infecting the other fruit on the part where the two fruits touch.

The photo’s caption read, “A perfect example that being alone is better than being with the wrong person.”

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