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Kalonzo Musyoka Is Overseeing The Systematic Destruction Of Kamba Unity: Nzioka Waita

Former State House Chief of Staff and Machakos gubernatorial hopeful Nzioka Waita has lashed out at Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka over what he describes as “systematic destruction” of the Kamba community.

Waita who is seeking Machakos top seat under a Chama Cha Uzalendo (CCU) ticket sent an impassioned Twitter thread on Monday, accusing Kalonzo of close-mindedness.

“When Mulu Mutisya held Kalonzo Musyoka’s hand and took him to Kabarak where he was anointed the Leader of the Kamba Nation, Mulu (God rest his soul) expected that SKM would unite all our peoples & bring prosperity,” he said.

“Instead, he is overseeing the systematic destruction of Kamba Unity. I respect Kalonzo Musyoka deeply and he knows it, but we must look back and ask why Musila, Muthama, Ngilu, Kibwana and Mutua all walk away, could they all be wrong?

“Why didn’t SKM use the spirit of Mulu to resolve the issues between himself and our leaders for the sake of our people?”

According to Waita, the Wiper Party leader has demanded that Azimio La Umoja presidential flag-bearer Raila Odinga “zone Machakos as a Wiper-only county,” which he says will lead to isolation of the Kamba community from partaking the national cake under an Odinga administration.

“Kalonzo’s strange ideas of democracy do not bode well for the future of the Kamba Nation as a whole and specifically the people of Machakos,” he wrote.

“If Azimio succumbs to this blackmail, we the Kamba Nation better book an early seat on the opposition benches where we shall sit for another 10 years.”


Added Waita: “I urge Kalonzo to stop his demands to zone Machakos, if he is so confident about his candidate.Let the people decide, do not rob them of their future. They will never forgive you!”

His comments came barely weeks after Makueni governor Kivutha Kibwana called out Kalonzo for allegedly making it increasingly difficult for him (the governor) to drum up support for Odinga in Ukambani. 

“It is proving impossible to work with Kalonzo Musyoka in Azimio in Ukambani. After he joined us, he especially wanted me out of all Azimio structures,” Kibwana said in a tweet sent April 20.

“I have no choice but to be at peace with this sad reality. History will ultimately judge all of us. May it be kind @RailaOdinga,” he added.

He had previously urged Musyoka to endorse inclusivity in the Ukambani region, underlining that all parties backing Odinga’s presidential bid should be allowed to campaign for the former premier without facing any resistance from other coalition members, irrespective of past differences.

“Winning elections is about numbers. Let all political parties that genuinely support the 5th be welcome in and campaign for Azimio. Wiper/Kalonzo should embrace inclusivity, not a three-legged philosophy.

Ukambani and her diaspora have 2.5 Million votes to be harnessed for Azimio,” Kibwana said then.

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