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KEBS Gives Greenlight For Kinder Joy Chocolates To Be Consumed

This comes after the European Food Safety Agency ordered withdrawal of the product produced by Italian manufacturer Ferrero SpA over a salmonella outbreak.

KEBS Managing Director Bernard Njiraini in a statement released on Thursday said the European Food Safety Agency has found no evidence that any of the recalled products made its way into the Kenyan market.

Njiraini said the locally sold products are sourced from Italy and India while those found to contain Salmonella were found to be from Belgium.

“The Kinder variants sold locally are sourced from Italy and India, as the countries of origin, not Belgium, the country that has been identified as the source of the contaminated variants,” Njiraini stated.

The specific product suspected of being contaminated is the ‘Surprise Eggs’ range, a confection that is not widely available in the Kenyan retail market.

Njiraini, however, said the agency was going to continue undertaking tests as well as take precautionary measures to ensure the products are safe for consumption.

“To ensure the safety and health of product consumers across the country, KEBS will in the interim continue to carry out precautionary measures on the Kinder products and target the same for further surveillance based on the widespread global concerns,” his statement read.

Salmonella is a bacterial disease that affects the gut and whose symptoms include diarrhea, stomach cramps, and sometimes vomiting and fever. Its cause arises from dirty water and contaminated food.

Kinder Joy is a product widely liked and marketed for children and has a wide range of other chocolates including Kinder Joy chocolate, Kinder Bueno White Chocolate, Kinder Bueno Chocolate, Kinder Chocolate and Kinder Creamy Milky & Crunchy.

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