Kenya Kwanza Leaders To President Uhuru: ‘Your Allies Have Failed You, Don’t Attack DP Ruto’

May 4, 2022
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Kenya kwanza leaders

Kenya Kwanza  leaders have hit out at President Uhuru Kenyatta over his recent attacks on Deputy President William Ruto, saying he (Uhuru) should be accountable for the government’s failures.

Kenya  kwanza leaders

The Kenya Kwanza leaders chewed out the president accusing him of failing to deliver on his mandate as Head of State and instead painting the blame on his deputy.

On Sunday, during the Labour Day celebration, President Kenyatta called on the deputy president to resign if he was not willing to assist him in delivering on his mandate.

Kenya kwanza leaders

Speaking in Kisii on Wednesday, the Kenya Kwanza leaders faulted the Head of State for sidelining the DP, and awarding his roles to other leaders.

On his part, DP Ruto reiterated that the handshake was the cause of the under performance by the Jubilee government in its second term.

“The president himself has said that the people who have been working with him, who have been assigned my responsibilities and those who have been advising him have failed him. Because all the programs in the Big 4 plans did not take off,” said the DP.

 He added: “Those of you who were entrusted with responsibilities by the president, you have let him down, you have wasted his second term, you have wasted the time of the people of Kenya; but thank God, we are going to have elections in the next few months and we can reset the button for our country and begin to move forward again.”

ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi and his FORD-Kenya counterpart Moses Wetangula echoed Ruto’s sentiments saying the president was unfairly holding Ruto accountable for the government’s failures.

Musalia went further to highlight that President Uhuru’s involvement in BBI and Azimio had hampered his service delivery hence he should carry the responsibility.

“You have not called for cabinet meetings, umekuwa na mikutano mingi ya BBI kushinda cabinet meetings, umekuwa na mikutano ya Azimio coalition nyingi kushinda cabinet meeting… and the decision making body in government is the cabinet, not Azimio coalition nor the BBI,” Musalia noted.

 He added: “If you have failed to deliver, do not pass the buck, Mr. President the buck stops with you. Stop kicking the can down the road!”

Senator Wetangula on his part underscored the commander in chief’s role in the country saying that he owed Kenyans results and not excuses and complaints.

 We did not elect you to be angry on TVs, we elected you to make sure there are no fuel ques in Kenya, we have  affordable food, we have a workable education system, peaceful Kenya with adequate security, above all, to show dignity and respect to anybody and  everybody within your jurisdiction,” said Wetangula.

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