Loise Kim Apologizes To Kiambu Residents Following Wamuratha’s Mental Health Remarks

May 3, 2022
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Kikuyu gospel star and hopeful Kiambu woman representative Loise Kim has finally reacted to Anne Wamuratha’s ‘mental wellness’ remarks that have elicited fury and a heated debate on social media.

Wamuratha who is the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party woman representative candidate for Kiambu County has been extinguishing fire since Sunday evening when she stated that almost all Kiambu residents have mental issues.

In a local television show, Wamuratha who was being interviewed alongside hopeful Murang’a women representative Waithera Muithirania said that, unlike other counties, most people in Kiambu County are grappling with insanity, a challenge she vowed to address should residents give her power through the ballot on August 9.

In response, Kim who is also eying the same position as an independent candidate after she was floored by Wamuratha in the March UDA primaries stated that as a mother born, raised and living in Kiambu, residents in the vast county are not mentally unstable and deserve to be respected at all costs.

“Kiambu people do not deserve to be served food like animals, they deserve to be treated with utmost respect and honour by all, including elected and aspiring leaders,” she posted on her Facebook page.

Contrary to Wamuratha’s statement that Kiambu residents have no tea, coffee and dairy farming issues, the hopeful woman representative insisted that; “Kiambu residents grow and produce quality tea, coffee and milk” adding that a mental hospital as suggested by the beleaguered hopeful country MP is not a priority.

Following the ‘disrespectful statement’, Kim apologized to Kiambu residents and urged them to remain still but make informed choices on the ballot come August 9.“As a woman, apologies to the people of Kiambu county for being alluded to as mentally sick, the humiliation is indeed a show of disrespect,” she added in her post

Wamuratha who has been the talk of the day on social media platforms in Kiambu County following her Sunday evening remarks will also be battling it out against Loise Kim, Chama Cha Kazi candidate Njeri Bakari, Jubilee Party’s Gladys Chania, journalist Mercy Nungari among others

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