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Manzi Wa Kibera To Vie For Kibra MP In 10 years


Manzi Wa Kibera To Vie For Kibra MP In 10 yearsSocialite Manzi wa Kibera is shooting to the stars, with ambitions to be the Kibra MP in 2032.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Mpasho, Manzi wa Kibera revealed she will be on the ballot in 2032.

“Guys give me 10 years I will be the next Kibra MP,” she said adding, “write it, screenshot it, save these words and I am telling you. Ten years from now I will the MP for Kibra.”Coming from an area which has been prone to election violence, Manzi wa Kibera called upon her fellow constituents to maintain peace in the upcoming elections and asked them to vote for someone who’s ready to work for them.

Reacting to the number of entertainers who will be vying for various political seats, Manzi wa Kibera viewed it as a representation of hope for every other entertainer in the country.

“To the artists and entertainment peeps I am happy, for the first time mmeingia mkiwa wengi, the other time it was just Jaguar anajisahau but sahii entertainment people are on the ground.”  She said. She called on them to ensure that they promote entertainment on the ground because that is where their talents began and where their stars shot. She insisted on them making the entertainment industry their first and biggest priority.

The controversial socialite also finally came clean on how she got her voluptuous behind.

She revealed that she didn’t get it from God but rather bought it. This, she did by taking body enhancement pills she bought from a ‘doctor’.

“Hii mali safi legit and siwezi wadanganya ni original” (This is some legit stuff but I won’t lie to you that it is natural ). The b**ty is not from God but from a doctor. I bought pills because I can’t afford a plastic surgeon yet but I will be visiting one in November for a surgery,” she said.

She says one of the complications she got was that one got bigger than the other but she ‘hustled ‘ her way out of the situation.

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