Monica Kimani Murder Case: Witness Questioned Over ‘Come Help Me Sleep’ Message

May 10, 2022
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The hearing of the Monica Kimani murder case against Joseph Irungu alias Jowie and journalist Jacque Maribe continued on Tuesday with the defense cross-examining the prosecution witness.

Lawyer Katwa Kigen asked Jonathan Limo, a DCI officer attached to Safaricom, about a text message allegedly sent by Monica on the material day. It is alleged that Monica asked a number through a text message to go to her place and assist her to sleep.

According to Katwa, that’s the last number that communicated with the deceased. The officer was, however, unable to tell the details of the said number.

“This gentleman is requested by Monica… ‘Please come and help me sleep,’ and the man answered that he is far… ‘Let us do it tomorrow’,” submitted Katwa

Limo in his response said that he cannot tell because he was never asked to provide details of the said number.

Meanwhile, the court will do a scene visit during the next hearing dates so as to familiarize itself with the evidence.

There are only two witnesses remaining to testify in the case. The two are a cybercrime officer and the Investigating Officer. The two are expected to testify on June 14-16 before the prosecution closes its case.

“We will visit when we have a witness, I see no problem… I have allowed the request that will be done within the three days of our next hearing,” the court ruled.

 The court will visit Lamuria Gardens Apartment on Dennis Pritt Road and Royal Park.

The murder trial took a new twist on Monday after a police officer attached to the case testified that there were inconsistencies in the phone numbers connected to the case.

Jonathan Limo, the DCI officer attached to Safaricom, told the court that out of the seven numbers attached to the case only four were connected to the case. The four numbers were found to belong to Joseph Irungu, Jacque Maribe, Ahmed Mustafa and the deceased businesswoman Monica Kimani.

According to police reports, Joseph Irungu’s number was around Denis Pritt road on the September 19, 2018. But today the court heard that on this very same day at 9:19pm, Jowie’s phone was traced in Kileleshwa. At 11:54pm, Jowie’s number was traced at Nairobi Gospel of God Church Valley Road.


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