Noti Flow Has Announced Breakup With Her Girlfriend King Alami

April 23, 2022
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Kenyan singer and rapper Natalie Florence known by her stage name Noti Flow Has Announced Breakup With Her Girlfriend King Alami.

The rapper revealed the break up on Instagram during a question and answer session with her fans.“How are you and King Alami? I love you guys so much greet her”, a fan said“You are gonna have to greet her yourself coz I broke up with her”, Noti Flow replied.

The musician added that King Alami was cheating on her with an old man which led to them breaking up.

“There were rumors going around that she was an escort, I confronted her but she denied. So last night she told me she was going to her cousin’s birthday party in Westy, I felt she was lying and I decided to follow her on the low and yeah she went to Runda instead, some big house, an old Baba opened the gate and they hugged and kissed”. She wrote.

When asked whether she was going to take back the car she bought her this year, Noti said she believed taking gifts back was petty and uncouth and she would let her ex girlfriend keep it.

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