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Outrage As Video Emerges Of Mother And son Being Whipped By In-laws

Outrage as video emerges of mother and son being whipped by in-laws

Kenyans were up in arms after a viral video emerged showing a middle-aged woman and a young man being violently beaten.

In the video, one can see Mama Kwamboka and the young man (who emerged as her son Alfred), being repetitively whipped using sticks by a number of men said to be her in-laws.

Her pleas for help from on-lookers sadly fell on deaf ears. In fact, they asked for her to be stripped, something that is anathema in the Luo community.Those who understand Dholuo, which people in the video are allegedly speaking say that the lady was trying to protect her son who was being beaten before the men turned on her.

An elderly man is heard accusing the woman of insulting his brother and being disrespectful,

“Just kill me. Arrest me with him. Help me. You are killing me. You had ordered me to leave, I’m going now,” mama Kwamboka is heard pleading.

The video has enraged Kenyans including prominent lawyer, Steve Ogolla who also offered to help the middle-aged woman and her son. 

Using his Facebook page, Mr. Ogolla said that the woman was in urgent need of medical attention and had given her KSh 50,000 for treatment.

He added that Mama Kwamboka and her son Alfred had reported the matter to Oriwo Police Station in Ringa and obtained an OB Number. 

 “I have talked to Mama Kwamboka, her son Alfred, and eldest daughter Emily Moraa. She is in great pain but is yet to receive medical treatment. I’ve sent the family KSh 50,000 for medical treatment,” said Ogolla.

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