Raila Promises To Revamp Jua Kali Sector If He Clinches Top Job In August

May 10, 2022
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Azimio-One Kenya coalition leader Raila Odinga has promised to revive the Jua Kali sector if he clinches the presidential seat through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) policy.

Odinga claims that the policy will address the country’s high unemployment rate while also boosting the Kenyan economy.

In a press conference at his Karen residence on Tuesday, Odinga cited a lack of proper certification as the major factor holding workers back from financial well-being, outlining a slew of measures his administration will take to improve the sector.

 Some of the raft of measures include the adaption and implementation of the policy, certification, better operating space, better pay and affordable credit.

“I have realized the need to recognize the players and their skill to help them continue refining those skills and pass them to the next generation,” said Odinga.

 “We will push for the adoption of RPL on Kenya which will provide for recognition of knowledge and skills regardless of where and how they were acquired. I am convinced that the adoption and the implementation of the RPL policy will have an impact on the millions of skilled Kenyans who have no formal recognition.” 

Citing a few examples, Odinga said those who have studied professionally for the specific courses are awarded the high income tenders yet they lack the proper skills, who then turn to the non-certified workers to do the grunt work for less pay.

“When ships docking at the ports require repairs, the plumbers have no certificates and lose the jobs to middlemen who have the jobs but no skills.  RPL policy will enable artisans get the actual value for their work,” said Odinga.

“If you look at automobile garages, they get little pay due to lack of certification, the owners who have the papers have no skills so they subject the Jua Kali mechanics to low pay. This will also end with the RPL certification,” added Odinga.

Mr. Odinga, who is now calling for the policy to be implemented as soon as possible, said he will welcome collaboration with like-minded stakeholders to see it through.

“It is long past time for the country to do something for this sector which is the largest employer in this country and a source of livelihood for many. I want to appeal for speed, my government will pick up from here. It is long past time to do something for this sector,” said Raila. 

“I want to say that we are going to form a partnership to ensure that this sector is formalized and that is succeeds.”


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