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Special Reveal By Njugush And Wakavinye During TTnT3 Show

After speculations from fans on comedian Njugush and wife Celestine Ndinda Kimani ‘Wakavinye’ expecting their second child, a special reveal during the filming of his show on Friday has further fueled the rumours.During the Through Thick and Thin 3 show held at the Nairobi Cinema, fans were surprised when Celestine Ndinda showed up on stage with a baby bump well accentuated by a red dress.

As the couple is well known for keeping certain details of their life together private, they have characteristically avoided addressing the speculations.

For curious fans who may have missed #TTnT3, Njugush promised to post links from Monday and on May 1, 2022 the full show will be made available on the comedian’s pay-to-view platformTheir first child as Tugi is already a star at a young age owing to his YouTube channel with massive followers and modelling opportunities on his parents’ online clothing store.

On Njugush’s YouTube channel, Celestine run a series titled Cele’s Pregnancy where she revealed details of her first experience in pregnancy.

She revealed that they conceived Tugi while on a sponsored vacation in Mombasa.

“I had given myself one year before getting my first child. We were not working and had just started doing online comedy and it had not picked up. So we got married in 2016 December and in January we were just trying various things to get money. In June God opened a way for us and we got our first deal with Bountiful Safaris,” she recounted.

Wakavinye explained that she was disappointed when she found out she was pregnant considering they had just been married for 4 months.

In the pregnancy series, Njugush also featured disclosing that after finding out they were pregnant they began praying to God for a miracle.

“I am very grateful for the hardship we went through because it helped us in so many ways. It transformed our spiritual lives which I feel was a building block to who we are now,” he said.

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