Wamuratha Apologizes For Throwing Cake To Kiambu Residents

May 4, 2022
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Aspiring Kiambu Woman Representative Anne Wamuratha has come out to apologize after she was captured on a video that has since gone viral throwing pieces of cake to a congregation.

Kenyans online took offence with the manner the aspiring legislator was doling out the pieces of cake from the podium, with some terming it condescending and similar to the way one feeds chicken.

Wamuratha, who is also a renowned marriage counsellor in the Mt. Kenya region, is vying under a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party ticket.

She took to social media on Wednesday, May 4, saying she regrets the manner in which she had distributed the cake.

I wish to confirm that I am the one captured in the Viral video throwing pieces of cake to a group of people who had gathered at the Ruiru Stadium for an event on November 7th, 2021,” wrote Wamuratha on her Facebook page.

“I was the cake matron of the day and erred in crowd control and appropriately sharing the cake.”

The cake-matron-of-the-day further beseeched Kenyans to forgive her, noting that she has an even larger “cake of opportunities” for Kiambu residents if they give her a chance come August 9.

“If I would turn back the clock, I would distribute the cake differently. I am a mother and a wife determined to bake a larger cake of opportunities for the people of Kiambu and serve them diligently as their woman representative,” she said.

“I sincerely apologise and accept my mistake; it will never happen again.”

Gospel singer Loise Kim was among those who called out the politician after the incident, writing on Facebook: “As a mother born and raised in Kiambu, I want to categorically state that the people of Kiambu are not mentally unstable and do not deserve to be served food like animals.”

Loise Kim was referring to Wamuratha’s recent comments on Kiambu resident’s mental health, which also drew their own fair share of controversy.

The aspiring Woman Rep, in a TV interview said that, unlike Murang’a County which is grappling with coffee and tea issues, Kiambu residents are grappling with insanity.

​​“People know the problem they face. If you ask me about Kiambu and if given the woman representative position, I would first deal with mental health issues. Residents are mentally unwell here,” she said.

She added that should she clinch power on August 9, she will sponsor a bill in parliament compelling the government to increase the mental health illnesses treatment kitty.

“I would also want to work with a governor who would help me expedite the job because I feel it’s almost everyone who is affected,” she added.


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